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 ​​​Coconut Vinegar
Think of this as apple cider vinegar’s slightly sweeter, lower-calorie cousin. It offers some of the same health benefits – including aiding with digestion and helping with weight loss – and is more nutrient-rich with amino acids and vitamins B and C than apple cider vinegar. Drinking vinegars have been making a comeback in the  form of shrubs and switchels, which is another reason there’s room for coconut  vinegar in the marketplace.    
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 Detox Effect

 Why does apple cider vinegar/ coconut vinegar give me an instant headache ?

When trying to drink apple cider vinegar/ coconut vinegar for the health benefits, it gives an immediate, throbbing headache in sinuses. It only last about 15 minutes  before it starts to dissipate. Does anyone have any ideas as to why body responds  like this ?

Best Answer:  I too got a headache when I first started using apple cider vinegar/ coconut vinegar. What you are experiencing is detox effect. Your body is trying to flush toxins out of your system. Your sinuses contain a lot of mucus and toxins and probably need to be flushed. You need to drink more water to assist it. You may  want to use less ACV/CV initially. To relieve the sinus pressure, you may want to  rub and or squeeze the muscles in the back of your neck. This promotes sinus  drainage. A nasal flush with saline solution and water may also help.

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